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Instructions/Disclaimer: This contact form is for inquiry purposes only. We cannot promise a response. You have not hired a lawyer just by submitting this inquiry, and no lawyer or other person who views this inquiry or contacts you back has any obligation to you unless and until you enter into a formal legal contract for representation by a lawyer or law firm. Unless/until you enter into such a contract, it is essential that you and/or your present counsel keep track of and remain responsible for meeting all deadlines, filing responsibilities, and other legal duties in your matter, including but not limited to civil statutes of limitations. You can and should continue to search for other representation pending any response to this inquiry, **especially** if you have near-term deadlines approaching. *

This form is to request legal services. If you have a general or administrative inquiry only, please send us a message here.

About this Form

 Please complete as much of this form as you can. Only your contact information is mandatory, however. If you do not understand all the questions, or would prefer to speak with an office representative personally, please review the questions to get a sense of the information we will need.

You may choose to send this request to one of our attorneys in the drop down list, or you can select “Help me find the right attorney” based on the information you provide to us in the form.

A Brief Explanation of Some of Our Questions

Relationship to the Person Charged: If you are the person charged, just write “same.”

Summary, incl. nature of matter, criminal or civil, and charges/allegations: Please let us know whether you are requesting help in a criminal or civil matter.  In other words, are you looking for a lawyer to defend someone against prosecution (criminal), or to sue someone (civil)? Please briefly describe the issues. And if it is a criminal matter, please, if you know, state the names/numbers of the charges which have been brought.

Subject’s custody/bail status: This applies to criminal matters. Please state whether the subject is currently in jail or prison, and if so where, or whether they have been released on bail or bond.

Case Number(s): If a case is already pending, whether criminal or civil, it will have a case number. If applicable, please provide this case number.

Next Court Date: If a case is already pending, whether criminal or civil, there is likely a next date on which the parties have to appear for a hearing or event, or a deadline by which they have to file or serve something. This might be a pretrial or status conference date, or the date on which a motion or response is due.  If it is a new criminal case, it might be the arraignment (also sometimes the “notice to appear” date on a citation).

These are just examples. If applicable, please, if you know, state the next scheduled date and describe what it is for.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.